Teachers Pet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zana

I'm a pretty successful 27 years old math teacher. It was an ordinary day for me when my phone rang and an unknown girl wanted me to teach her. She was a 20 years old economics student. We arranged a meeting for the next weekend. When I came to her house for the first time, she looked like any other client that I had. She was a long-haired brunette, wearing a tracksuit and a too big t-shirt. After we finished I went home, nothing special happened. Next week we met again. She was wearing a skirt and a tight tank top, almost like she wanted to impress me. She was very happy to see me, she even hugged me, which was a little strange to me. During the lesson she touched my hand a couple of times and even gave me some compliments. At the end of our session she asked me if I was single. I said that I'm not available, because I was taking my job very seriously. I explained to her that she shouldn't act like that and it was better for us not to meet again. She was clearly dissapointed. In two weeks I got another call from her. I still don't know why I agreed to meet her, but I would be lying if I said I didn't think of her every now and then. She wore the same skirt as two weeks ago, but this time she added stockings too. The look on her face was really different, it was strict and she didn't smile at all. She didn't wear any panties and she wasn't hiding that from me. The temperature reached it's peak when I asked her for a pencil. She took it and literally put it in her pussy while looking me in the eyes. At that time I knew she wouldn't take no for an answer. I was aroused and scared at the same time, because she really looked determined. She said: "Lick it. I know you want it." I felt like I was possessed by her so I did it. Then she opened a drawer, took out her handcuffs and locked my hands behind the chair. I could easily resist, but I didn't want to. She took off my trousers and started to tease my cock with her hands and tongue. She started to ride me. She did everything she wanted. That day I was her sex toy.