Tasting a New Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Earlymay

I have arranged for a group of friends of my wife and mine to go for a late night swim at a local water hole tomorrow night. 

I find myself caught in a fantasy of a certain friend of my wife's. I know she is into me and I find her super sexy, I also know that my wife would love to watch us, we have shared her in a fantasy before.

I imagine that while the group of us are swimming me and my wife's friend lock eyes, while she is climbing out to get something. With her look I can she that she is asking me to follow. I give her a minute then slip out after her. 

I find her a little way down the forest path sitting under a tree with her swim suit on the ground beside her. She calls me in with her fingers and guides my mouth to hers. I then slowly work my way down to her pussy. While I am enjoying the pleasure of tasting a new woman I hear the crunch of stick behind her. Looking over her thigh and spot the silhouette of someone on the path. I can not make out who it is though I sense that it is my wife. That turns me on, and I want to show my wife just how well I can take care of her friend.


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