The Taste of Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

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I have a fantasy of sucking a stranger's cock until he comes in my mouth. I want one handful of firm hairy ass, another of thick veiny cock, and a mouthful of balls. In the very best version of this fantasy, though, my wife is there and eventually decides to join me. We take turns licking thick shaft and soft balls and hairy ass until she is so turned on that she throws him onto our bed and slides his cock into her. I watch and masturbate and then begin to lick his balls and shaft and her asshole. After riding his cock for a while she slides off of him and lets me lick her juices off his glistening cock before directing me onto my back, slowly teasing her tongue and fingers through my chest hair and down to my throbbing cock and sliding her soaked pussy and blonde bush over my face. After teasing me with the taste of their sweat and sex, she again guides the stranger's cock into her from behind and lowers herself enough to ensure that his balls graze my face each time he thrusts into her. I try to lick her clit and his balls as their soft hairs brush across my face. My wife orgasms very quickly now and a few minutes later I see the stranger’s balls begin to tighten and his shaft pulsate as she moans loudly at the feeling of his cum filling her. As he slowly pulls out, I grab his semi-hard cock to suck his leftover cum out and my wife lowers her dripping pussy onto my face filling my eager mouth and covering my chin and beard with their cum. I remain in complete ecstasy while she sucks my cock until I cum as well.