Tape Me Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hitchcock.blonde

Last year, when I was a freshman in college at an elite, American University, I was sleeping with a senior for almost the entire school year. As neither of us wanted to be in relationships, we were just friends with benefits. We were very different people: I, a creative writing and film double major, him, a cellular and molecular biology student. But our sexual chemistry was nothing short of an entire firecracker stand. We were each just completely invested in the other's pleasure. I have yet to find another sexual relationship so empowering, where neither one of us was afraid to instruct the other on what we liked, and each of us kept in mind what the other person requested.

One night, I finally had the courage to tell him I was interested in more than just spanking/scratching and sex in semi-public locations as we had in the past. He said he didn't have rope, but that he had some athletic tape. He taped my hands together. I had difficulty as I crawled across the bed, fumbling, while purposefully still displaying my large ass, and he could barely get out a, "You're so hot."

As per usual, our aggressive sex was a power play. He licked down my body in delicate lines, gradually slowing as he got closer to my clitoris. A veteran in how to make me feel pleasure, it didn't take too long for him to make me orgasm. He used his fingers and his mouth. The tape that held me in one place came off when I orgasmed, and although my hands were still tied together, we were more evenly matched in our fight for dominance. He fucked me hard. He's a very strong man, and he held my hands down firmly while he moved me in all the positions he knew I liked.

After I orgasmed again, we took a short break. But then I came for him. Hands still taped, I mounted him and fucked him like he'd never been fucked before, and probably like he'll never be fucked again. And I finished him with a blowjob, paying attention to the details he'd instructed me he liked long before.

Removing the tape, we went in for seconds...