A Very Tall Order

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sunshine

I have always dreamed of making love to a taller women. They always make me feel sexual submissive and it just turns me on.

She must be half a foot taller than me. One day she asked me come to her home at night. When I knocked on the door, I saw her all dressed up in sexy revealing outfit. She was looking taller than usual, I looked down she was wearing 4 inch sexy high heels. She invited me inside. I silently followed her like magnet. She sat down and I kept standing beside her for the next order. I think she noticed the bulge in my pants. I was feeling so meek and helpless.

She asked what I would like to eat. I replied, "anything you have to offer." She lifted her leg and gently pushed my head towards it. I followed her hands without resisting. Licking her feet and every inch of her heel and everything in between her legs. She stood up and I grabbed her from behind, rubbing all over her back. I had to grab a stool to reach her. When she stood against the wall, I could barely reach her chest. I licked it all over again, grabbed the stool and entered her from front. Once we finished, she asked me to leave. I could have stayed there for ever, but following her orders I left quietly.