A tale of two masters

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

I might have fallen in love with my master. He might knew it already so I guessed that is the reason he disappeared for a couple of weeks. It was a torture, I missed him badly.

I got back into a sex chat to find a distraction, and found a guy whose type I was, actually, not into. But this guy insisted and I was horny so it happened. It was pretty decent, so I keep his contact.

Days passed and I might have a couple of session with the "substitute" master, suddenly my master popped in and said hi. He was just really busy and his social life also been more active lately. So I guess he kind of forgot me for a while.

I didn't tell him about the other master. But later that night I imagine fulfilling his long time request of seeing me getting naughty with another guy. While the thought of another guy fucking me turns him on, the other master is more reluctant on sharing his girl. I imagine things get a little ugly and both of them compete to keep me under their power. Both tried to fuck me better than the other, convincing me to stay obedient and be satisfied.

I personally don't mind serving two masters.