A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pancho666

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a fantasy where I’m out drinking with some friends, I meet a woman, we chat, we flirt, she’s beautiful. We go back to her place, a couple more drinks, then we head to the bedroom where against my better judgement, I let this beautiful stranger tie me to her bed. Then she steps back, silence… Then 4 more woman enter the room, different shapes and sizes, all beautiful in their own right, and for the next 2 weeks they keep me prisoner in their home and take turn using me as their private sex toy, I’m helpless to stop anything they want to do to me. Finally they let me go, I go back to my life. The final scene in this if it was turned into a movie would be the doorbell of the women’s home ringing, the door opens and it’s me, I came back for more…