Take it easy with the bass

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leo5on

I was traveling with some friends, everybody from Brazil, and we wanted to party. It was a very freezing night, but no one wanted to stay put.
We went to a club just two blocks from the hotel, where this absolutely gorgeous DJ was playing. She was very beautiful, with a great body, like someone who enjoys working out, short hair and wearing a very small dress with a blood red lipstick.
I got completely lost in her, I started to think on what should I do to get her attention. I thought "She might get a lot of guys on her every night, I have to impress this girl."
I went to the bar, and asked the waitress for some advice. She said to me that I would have to do something completely unexpected to get her attention. By the time I finished hearing the waitress advice, I had thought what I was going to do. I asked for three napkins and a pen. I wrote on the first napkin "Your ears are almost as good as mine." At the second napkin, I wrote " You should take it easy with the bass." And at the third napkin I wrote "If you are wondering who I am, try to find me at the dance floor." After writing the notes, I asked the waitress to deliver them to her in 15-minute intervals.
By the time I got back to the dance floor, she received the first note, and she reacted like "What the fuck is this?" just the reaction I was waiting for. When she received the second note, she reacted a little bit impressed, like "This guy might be right" and she actually turned the bass down a little bit, the music got so much better! And as I could not take my eyes from her, I saw she receiving the last napkin. She started looking for me from up there, and when she actually saw me, she got lost too, she somehow knew it was me.
She started walking towards me with a hidden smile and asked me how she could know if she could trust me, I answered "Actually, you don't." She kissed me like the best kiss in my life, and then she took me to the bathroom, where we had the most savage sex I had ever had. It was just crazy, it looked like she knew exactly what to do with me.