A Sexual Fantasy

— By sweetpeach

I am still young, I have yet to turn 21 but I am someone who is extremely sexual. With my recent sexless life my fantasies have become more pronounced. I have this repeating fantasy that I am taken at the same time by two white men that I know one I met at work he is 25 we will call him M and the other lives next door to me he is 20 we will call him R. Although my fantasies of the two change constantly a few things remain the same. I am on my knees and M is standing in front of me while R is behind me, they are both running their hands through my curly hair; as R grips my hair and pulls my head backwards my mouth falls open and M slips right in. I fantasize of me being in between them, my tan skin contrasting against their pale skin so beautifully. Their hands roam my body and tease me as they explore me. Anytime I see either one of them I begin to think about us together, if only it could happen...
Hopefully someone else will be able to live out my fantasy.