Suzughìa - The Game

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

Suzughìa is the name of a game that was played in the brothels of ancient Rome.
A friend of mine has reconstructed the rules and before making it for the erotic games market he wanted to try it.
So we ended six players around the table. On it, in the center, a round board with twenty-four numbered boxes. Each number corresponded to a spintria, a metal coin depicting an erotic position. One of us, the auctioneer, presented one by one the spintriae and disposed them on the corresponding box. In the end, each of us would choose the preferred position number without communicating the number to the other participants. I loved the spintriae A II (Anal Kneeling fox), A VI (Anal Speed Bump), A XIII (Anal Magic Bullet). I chose number A VI. I have marked the number on a brand, and so did the other players with their choices. The auctioneer, which kept secret choices of all the players had been delivered, he began to remove from the table the spintriae that no more than one player had chosen.
Little by little the board was being emptied. Only a spintria remained at the end: the number AVIII, Tris - Anal Kneeling Fox + The Man Trap.
The secret room was waiting for the winners.