Surreal Erotic Lake 3some

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TommyB

Fiona arrived at the lake house and left her stuff inside, she started to undress, removed her top, no bra, showing her beautiful tits, then removed her jeans showing her amazing curvy ass, slowly she removed her panties, she has a hot bush and she went for a swim naked. Since she arrived there, a guy named Paul from the other house was stalking her and watching her swim naked. Fiona was aware of that and she didn't stop. Paul realized that and called his buddy Tom and told him that a beautiful girl was swimming naked and he needed to see her. Tom didn't think it twice and was on his way. Paul was waiting for her at the deck of the lake. He helped her getting out of the lake - immediately she started kissing him and touching his cock, he kissed back and started getting naked too, Fiona went down on her knees and started to blow him. In that moment Tom arrived and witnessed it. He didn't know what to do, he got closer, without saying a thing, Fiona stops blowing Paul and gives Tom a passionate kiss, she unbuttoned his jeans and sucked his cock, she signals Paul to come close too. She gave them handjobs and she put both of their cocks in her mouth at the same time. Then Tom kissed her ass while Paul was kissing her neck. She took them from their hands and guided them to the house. They sat on the sofa and both of them were kissing each of her tits. She rode Paul's cock while Tom was behind her squeezing her boobs. Then Tom put it in Fiona's hot pussy, doggy style, Paul was kissing her. They moved to the floor where they spooned her, Paul was fucking her pussy and Tom was rubbing his cock on her asscheeks. She was ready to orgasm, Paul came in her pussy, the sperm was all over her pussy, Fiona and Paul were kissing, Tom put it in her pussy used Paul's sperm as lube and fucked her till he came on her ass. The kissing continued, she grabbed their hands again and they run outside towards the deck lake and jumped for a night swim. After the swim half naked the three of them on the deck talked about it while hugging and kissing. The end.