Surprise Guest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rfranck

Every now and then I need to go see an escort. It's a need, a treat or something related to my dark side or... simply that I need to find a sexual partner who's totally comfortable with cameras around. Exhibitionism and voyeurism are very arousing to me. You never know how that's going to turn out and sometimes it's better to play it safe and visit a professional. "I'm here" (that's the classic text message you send when you arrive at your destination, shortly followed by an address). She opens the door, we begin with some small-talk (already knowing each other makes it easier for both of us) and it's time to take a shower. She knows the drill and after I finish setting up the tripods and cameras, it's time to start our private video adventure. That was just the first part of a 2 hour meeting and it's time for another shower. This time it will be different from part one - I brought my tools and she equipped herself with an impressive strap-on. She starts playing with it, rubbing it and laughing. I know when we look at each other that we were going to have a lot of fun. Time for a little payback and pegging. Having her right behind me, watching her in the mirror and finally doing the acts you never dared to ask your wife or girlfriend to do. Secretly, she'd taken the liberty of sending my wife a text with my phone while I was showering "meet me at 4 pm, that place, doors will be open, see you in a bit." I didn't know about it until she walked into the room while I was getting fucked up the ass. She must have heard my screams, but I bet she didn't guess that I was the submissive one.  My eyes were closed, as per my masters commands. We had the same expressions on our faces when I opened them, except for my mistress who was staring and smiling at my wife.