A Summer of Firsts

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rxs

My fantasy is to lose my virginity at a nudist camp. I imagine a situation whereby I go to a nudist camp for the first time, somewhere remote where there are lots of trees and a lake. An older lady takes me under her wing and we discuss the fact that I'm a virgin. She is very emotionally and physically affectionate and she offers to help me out but doesn't give me details and I mostly forget about it. The next few days consist of relaxing, swimming and passionate kissing and fondling (with the older lady and other campers, lots of couples) but not anything further. Late one afternoon, we are sitting around a fire with other campers. I am sitting in the older woman's lap and she is not so discretely touching me while the group chats, but no one minds. The lady introduces me to a man that I have been sharing flirty glances with throughout the camp. He is a gardener at the camp, and when she introduces me he is a little bit sweaty and dirty from the days work but then he strips off and cleans himself off in the lake, and remains naked once he reappears. The lady reminds me of her promise to help me out, and leads me to another area outside, which has a blanket and cushions. The other campers follow. She explains to me that I have the opportunity to lose my virginity to the gardener and I happily accept. She starts to kiss me and leads me towards the gardener, showing me where to place my hands and verbally encouraging me. The gardener and I start to have passionate sex while the rest of the campers watch and touch me and themselves. Knowing I am a virgin, the gardener is gentle but then gets more passionate. I have multiple orgasms. He ejaculates on my stomach and the scene ends with me cuddling up with the older woman as she strokes my hair and kisses my face.