Summer farm orgie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sarita

A couple of years ago I worked on a small vegetable farm in Vermont during the summer months. All my colleagues, including my boss, were super hot, rusty folks in their late twenties. There was a mutual understanding amongst us farm-workers, that if it ever got too hot on those summer days it was time to strip some clothes! So we often worked in short pants and bikini tops, or topless. After work we would drive to the nearby lake on the back of a red, old, pick up truck and take a naked dip to wash our hot, dusty bodies. At times, when we had dull work to do, I fantasized about walking into the nearby woods to take a pee ( like I often did) and coming back to an orgy playing out in the field in front of me. I saw muddy fingers touching naked skin and people having sex, standing, leaning up against big, round straw bales. I saw strawberries being picked and popped into each other's mouth, shared by many. I saw cherry tomato vines being ripped to the ground and squished by lusty, rolling bodies. (The draft horses would watch us, chewing their grass indifferently.) By the end of it all we would find ourselves laughing - sweaty, covered in wet soil, exhausted by sun and sex! Then we would all jump into the back of that old pick up truck and wash each other off in the clear lake water.