Such a beautiful should be shared

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Earlymay

I love to watch my wife be pleasured, I deeply enjoy watching her climax at the hands of another.

My try bucket list fantasy would be to come home, finding her in bed with multiple other men. Just soaking up the attention be fully worshipped for the sexual goddess that she is. I want to see her moaning and dripping with excitement while men fight for their turn with her switching back and forth.

Watching her suck, be eaten out, ride and be pounded by all the beautiful cocks just as she so loves too! Letting the men take their turn cumming in her and on her, watching her bath in their excitement.

Then when they have finished I come in and clean her up, tasting the delicious mess that has been left behind, and reclaim her for myself.

Such an amazing creature should not be keep on a shelf up shared for everyone to worship.