A Sexual Fantasy

— By Justin

Sometimes I fantasize about being dominated by a woman, made vulnerable and exposed, inspected, teased and spanked until I confess. I want her to put me in her panties and show me off to another woman. Then after being made to model and show off my embarrassment I am spanked until I admit I want to be bent over and have my ass explored and my prostate milked. With no touching of myself allowed, I am forced to cum and then taste myself from her hand, foot or breast. I am required to do this to be released from her/their firm grip around my balls. As my dominate lover taunts me and prods my prostate I admit in agony that I would gladly clean my cum from her pussy. This fantasy has several iterations including golden showers at her knees in the shower, being forced to wear panties under my clothes while out, and even having another woman know my secret while out.