Strapped to a table while she sat on my face

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Small_Guy

This may sound fairly tame, but It's always been a huge turn on for me to be sat on by women, particularly sitting astride my chest or stomach. I was at a kink event one time where I volunteered to get strapped down, naked, to a table. A woman came up and climbed on the table and mounted me, straddling my chest. She slapped me in the face, blew cigarette smoke in my face. She would slowly and seductively gyrate her hips and wiggle her butt from side to side. She would lean down and lick me all over my face, before eventually moving forward squeezing my face tightly between her thighs for a bit, then sitting on my face and continuing to gyrate and dance. She moved back down on my chest and leaned right down so our faces were almost touching, and just continued to stare at me, lick me, blow smoke in my face. She then slid further down onto my crotch and told me she wasn't getting off me unless I came, and continued to wiggle her butt all over my crotch. I kind of didn't want her to get off so I resisted at first, but after several minutes couldn't contain myself any longer and came right on the table. At this point she got off and walked away to chat and play with other people. I spent the rest of the night strapped to the table, and a few times other women toyed with me a little, but that experience was the highlight. At the end of the night when the party was over I got released from the table.