Strangers, Katanas and Ice cream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maud

Back then I used to spent all my spare time with my two bestfriends. It was the summer of my twenties and I was newly single. So we would spend all of our nights in bars partying or being invited to events. On one of our nights out, we met 3 other guys who seemed really nice. One of them invited us to supper the day after at his mansion, with his friend.

We had wine, tartare, chocolate mousse. The perfect evening. After a while, he proposed we went to the spa, a little drunk and flirty we let them kiss us. But soon our glasses ran dry. So, they took the car and left us girls so they could go and buy more alcohol. Alone in this huge house, wandering around in nothing but our swimsuits, we started to get bored. So we went to the bedrooms and started undressing, trying on clothes (must have been his wife), undressing again. We walked across the house, the three of us naked, large windows uncovered. We found strange swords and katanas, so we candidly started to fight, still naked.

But then our supper seemed so long ago. So we went to the kitchen, searching for foods. We ate cherries and strawberries in eachother's mouths. We poured ice cream over our breasts and started to eat it. The feeling of soft and warm girl's mouth licking fresh ice cream over my body was electrifying! Something every woman should experience!

They came back and found us, naked in the kitchen, our bodies full of ice cream and other stuff, just having sex... I know they touched themselves before they tried to join, but we kind of rejected them, found our dresses and decided it was time for us to go. After all we were working in the morning!