Strange Dream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By botella.cocacola

My husband is very vocal about fantasizing with me fucking other men. I'm not interested, but today I dreamed about me accepting his fantasy, just for his plesure. I gave him, for his birthday, a letter where I told him to look for a stranger. I would wait in the bedroom, blindfolded. I don't want to see anything. I want to enjoy it as well, but it's essentially just for him. Then, I'm blindfolded and felt another man. It's really strange having a "blind dream", but it happened. I had the precise feeling of a cock, not my husband's, entering into my mouth. A thicker cock. I try to give my husband the best porn show ever, stroking and licking the stranger. Then, he fucks me. Oh my, he's awesome. I don't need to fake my moans. While he's fucking me, I feel pressure in my mouth. A penis. And it's not my husband either. The dream is like they fuck me for hours. Finally, my husband joins while they're double penetrating me. I didn't know that you could feel a realistic orgasm while sleeping. It was so strong that I woke up. I woke up and woke my husband. I needed an actual fuck. I whispered him the dream while we had the best sex in months. I must admit that I'm considering it.