Stood Up at Vacation's Door

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fun1nthe5un

My wife, Leslie, and I go on vacations with several other couples to a resort in Mexico. We arrive at the airport to find one of the husbands backed out at the last minute and the couple had a huge fight because of it. The wife, Shannon, decided to make the trip anyway without her husband.

Once we're at the resort, everything is beautiful. The beach, the ocean, the property, the food and drinks. Shannon is with the rest of the group but is depressed and complaining about her husband the whole time. She’s not having any fun and really being a drag on the group.

The third night, my wife and I are alone enjoying a great meal when Shannon comes into the restaurant. Seeing us, she comes over and we invite her to join. When she starts into her negative, complaining statements, I tell her to stop. I tell her we’ve all heard enough; we're sorry about the way this turned out, but it’s up to her to choose her attitude and she can enjoy the vacation. She says her husband isn’t any fun anyway and never does anything adventurous, so it’s probably better without him here. She takes a deep breath and slumps into her seat.

I look to Leslie and then back to Shannon. “Are you ready for an adventure right now? Something completely crazy? A memory you can take back from the trip that has nothing to do with your husband?” I ask. She's a little confused, I can see it on her face. After a few moments of self-reflection, she straightens and simply nods her head.

“Go to the bathroom and take off your panties. When you come back hand the panties to me and sit in the booth with Leslie. I'll give you the next instruction then. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” She immediately gets up.

My wife and I had discussed Shannon before and even talked about her as part of our imagination in our sex life at times. We had never invited anyone else into our bed, but it had been a topic of fantasy for each of us for a long time.

From there I direct both ladies as we have amazing vacation sex ending on the balcony bed.