Starving Artist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kat

I once got invited to a paint party that turned into a wild time. The artists all knew each other intimately. A few were coupled lovers. Some from prior sex parties and exhibits. They brought edible paint, edible gold dust, even edible underwear to paint on. I was grouped with a couple who wanted to have a threesome. I also got to paint their bodies as they did mine. I was so aroused by the sensation of the paint brush. Each smooth stroke made me even wetter.

The room was a large open space where we could see everyone's work. Each naked body turned into elaborate pieces. Some abstract, some finite, and others marked with signs or signals that explained their gender identity and feelings. Each one told a beautiful story.

After the body art dried a little, we all took turns licking them off. The paint party turned into a sexy orgy! It was a wonderful and sensual experience. One to be remembered.