Stairway to orgasm!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hazel.belle

We were both interns (22 years old). We were both in serious relationships... yet, the sexual tension we shared was bigger than any rule... and how we broke them, all of them!
The first time we kissed, I was working on my computer in the office, very concentrated. We were alone. I did not noticed when he approached me and he very gently blew on my neck. I gasped, totally out of air, totally turned on. He then started saying my name very softly as he kissed my neck... I could not resist myself, so I turned around and kissed him. That evening, that was all we did - just one kiss, one mind blowing kiss.
The next day we pretended nothing had happened as we spend the whole day working at the office with our colleagues. However, as the previous night, we were lucky to be the last ones there, and as soon as we were alone we made out.... he even took off my blouse, took down my panties (I was wearing a skirt) and licked me on top of my working table. We still hadn't had sex yet.
But the following week, we were both so turned on by each other we could not wait any longer. We were not lucky enough to be left alone on the office again, so the sexual tension was building up and we had nowhere to "let it out". So one night, we left at the same time. We were waiting for the elevator when we looked at each other and we both knew we could not take it anymore. So I opened the door to the staircase. As the building had many floors (more than 30) and we worked on very high floor, the staircase was usually empty. So we entered the staircase and by the time the door closed behind us he was already touching me, felling me, kissing me so strongly... we had sex there on the staircase, standing up against the cold wall.... but we were far from cold!
Some people think that no good can come from cheating... well, I say differently! That evening I found out with whom I would like to have sex (and be in love) with for the rest of my life! We have been together ever since (it's been 6 years) and it is still deliciously hot!