Spoiled by two

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nostars4u

I often think about this fantasy I have that involves two guys. My days of experimenting are over but I always wonder how it would have happened if I would have had the opportunity. I think about them putting me on a bed and undressing me and binding my hands together. They would tell me not to move while they figured out what they were going to do to me and undressed. I probably could not resist having a huge smile on my face as I eagerly awaited their hands on me. One would blindfold me and the other starts lightly tracing his fingers up and down my body touching but not touching. Soon I would feel both their hands roaming everywhere but where I wanted them to be. "Please " I would ask and I would feel one run his hand over my breast and the other to my already wet pussy. He would slid his fingers Inside deep and gently move them in a way that I can't help but moan and the other would kiss me silent.after fingering me until I was even more wet he would lower his head down and lightly kiss my clit. Gently kissing it and sucking on it. Fingering me slowly while he does this and the other guy would be kissing me and then my tits. Licking and sucking my nipples. I would tell them I want them in me and they would lift me up and lay me down on top of one of them and the other would go back between my thighs still lightly kissing and sucking my clit while the other guy puts his thick dick in my ass. I would moan even louder than before and the guy beneath me lightly puts his hand around my throat and the other picks up pace with his tongue. I would say I'm so close when I felt like I was about to cum and they would stop. I'd be told I wasn't allowed to yet and I would beg them to let me and they would caress me and take my mind off cumming for a second. Then they would start again. It wouldn't take long before I would be close again and they would stop yet again. "How bad do you want to cum?" One would ask me. I'd reply "very badly, pleeeeeeease let me" and he would shove his dick in me and fuck me hard till I came. And I'd say "one... "