Spanked for her pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Case Wintermute

Sometimes I look at the firm round cheeks of his ass and I want to line the curve of his buttocks with welts and turn his bottom red.

It was a lazy Sunday and he had just gotten out of the shower and walked past me naked. I felt a twinge in my pussy as I watched him put on a pair of string bikini briefs. I was wearing a sheer black panty and bra set, as I read a book on my Kindle.

"Don't put anything else on", I told him. "You're getting a spanking and you would just have to take it off"

I ordered him to get the cane and the punishment strap. Then I bent him over the end of the bed with a pillow under his hips, pushing his bottom up. I caned him until his buttocks were covered with welts, then I whipped him with the strap over those welts until his bottom was red.

I lay on the bed and called him over to me, cradling his head against my breasts, comforting him. I unhooked my bra, sliding it off, and offered him first one nipple, then the other. It felt like my nipples were wired into my clit. I moved my hand down and found the crotch of my panties soaked.

"Do you want to lick my pussy, naughty boy", I asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am", he responded somewhat breathlessly

"You may, but if you give me an orgasm you're going over my knee for a long hard paddling", I told him

He kissed my pussy through the sheer material of my panties, nuzzling my clit before he took them off and licking me. He gave me two orgasms.

"Time to pay the piper", I told him. "Get the paddle"

He handed me the paddle and I bent him over my left thigh. The spanking I gave him with the padddle was long and hard.

"You spanking is over", I told him and he stood up, rubbing his bottom, which I was sure was hot and sore under his palms.

"Get in position", I told him. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass".

When I finished punishing him, I had him like on the bed, on his back. I moved over his face and let him lick me again before I mounted his cock and rode him until I had an orgasm.