Sometimes pain gives best pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My husband and I have a Master and Slave relationship. He is my Dom, I am his -mostly- obedient servant. As his servant, I know what punishment I get for being naughty... A good spanking! So, this girl often disobeyes her master... My punishment looks like this: He orders me to come to his office, naked. I have to lay across his lap, with my bare buttocks sticking firmly in the air... At first he caresses them, but soon, the first slaps... He goes on slapping my butt harder and harder, until they glow bright red, and the pain is almost unbearable! Almost, because I get very exited and wet at the same time! After about 20 slaps, I am literary soaking, wanting my master to fuck me as hard as fysically possible... Luckily, he loves that part also, cannot wait for the grand finale! And when he comes, he comes all over my tortured ass, cooling the red skin with his abundand fluids... Sometimes pain gives the best pleasure!