smoke clouds on my brain with two birdies flying high

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jizzmarker

I walked up the stairs to Lauren’s apartment without any expectations. When I knocked the door, her roommate Anna opened it with a smile. She was in her pajamas and instinctively I had to stare at her nipples, which were hard under her shirt. She turned around and I followed her inside when my eyes went down on her butt, which was nicely shaped under her loose panties. Lauren was awaiting me in her room and greeted me with two juice kisses on the cheek. I turned to Anna, who was standing behind us and who had this devilish smile on her lips. She said, that she will go to bed soon and wished us a nice evening. Anna disappeared and Lauren and I settled down in her room. She asked me if I would like to smoke a joint and I said: “sure, why not!?”. I set down on her opened couch, which was actually her bed, and she lied down next to me with her smoking tools. She had this fancy rolling papers that I have never seen before and the whole process of how she rolled the joint was very passionate. Like a ceremony she rolled the paper with her fingers and the fresh painted fingernails. How she slowly licked the paper next to me, looking and smiling at me in a flirting way. The weed hit me immediately once we started smoking the joint. I saw my thoughts from outside, flooding my brain and sharpening my senses. Once we finished the joint, she put the ashtray away and cuddled next to me, putting her legs on mine and pressing her breasts against my chest. I pulled myself together, turned my head to her and kissed her softly. We kissed and touched each other passionately. I started to move my hands down to her butt and grabbed it tight with my fingertips. Her soft skin felt even better under the influence of the weed we smoked. My senses were super sharp and I got addicted to her nice smell, putting my nose as close to her skin as I could to suck up her aroma. Suddenly I hear the door of her room opening up slowly making this old wooden creak noise. I turned my head to the door and saw Anna sneaking inside slowly, who was covered in smoke…