Silver Foxes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sara Saponaceous

A woman finds herself at a panel discussion and after-party for a writing competition that she won. She starts chatting with one of the judges and his wife. They are beautiful together. He with a full head of silver hair coifed like a Kennedy, salt and pepper stubble. Blue eyes and dimples. She is statuesque and poised. Her shiny hair pulled back into a perfect chignon with a statement hairpiece. She is impeccable and clearly holds her own with her husband. The woman notices some tattoos on her arms and shoulders under her see-through gown.

The three of them start talking while standing, bottomless champagne, maybe some oysters. They move to some nearby sofas and the conversation turns flirty.

They decide to cut out of the party and make a night on the town culminating in a sensual threesome in their beautiful flat filled with art and books. She has been seduced…