Silly silly stealer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I've got a confession to make, last week I tried to steal some lingerie from this very expensive boutique, but the saleslady caught me in the act. She brought me to the her boss' office, a beautiful woman in her late 30s. The woman said to me that she had two options: 1. Hand me over to the police, or 2: Obeying her wishes for the next hour. Obviously, I chose for the second option, and wondered what she meant by it. She picked up the stolen goods, and ordered me to get undressed in front of her, and to put on the stolen lingerie. Because I was afraid for the consequenses, I did what she ordered. She ordered me to bend over on her desk, and she started fondling my perky breasts and buttocks. Soon, I felt her fingers entering my vagina, and shortly after, a thumb entered my butthole, penetrating me deeper and deeper. She opened a drawer of her desk, and retrieved a box full of sextoys. She chose a humongous black rubber dildo,lubricated it with some gel,and ordered me to remove my g- string. Then, she pushed the whole 10 " in one hard thrust in my unsuspecting pussy. She fucked me with hard, deep thrusts, and fingered my butthole simultaniously. I started moaning and soon I reached orgasm. I fell on my knees, and the rubber dildo slid out of my pussy. She picked up the dildo, and pushed the head in my narrow butthole. Slowly, she pushed the black monster the whole way in my narrow butt. She pushed her fingers in my vagina, so both my holes were filled to the max. I thought it was impossible, but suddenly I felt her whole hand disappearing in my pussy, and at that point I reached my most fierce orgasm ever, and lost consciousness.
When I came round again, she helped me dress, and said that I could keep the lingerie, under the condition, that I would become her new lover. I gladly accepted the deal, and left the building with the lingerie, and with a new set of experiences to remember...