Shyness and Prejudice

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PurpleFire

He was standing out of the crowd, like with neon signs pointing at him from all the other people in the bar. At least for me. The place was full with people, enjoying their Friday night out, laughing and drinking. I didn’t plan on "hunting" tonight until I saw him. My heart started to race and I felt 16 again, being all of a sudden nervous, with sweaty palms clutching the beer bottle. My friends didn't understand my excitement and were frank about how he was way to posh looking and not my usual type.
I couldn’t care less. All evening I kept looking over to him until his gaze caught mine. It was like a little pinch to my chest, so I turned away quickly, feeling shy all over again. We kept on dancing. My friends decided to go home at some point. And just as I was about to join them when I felt somebody close behind me. The excitement as I saw him smiling was unbelievable. Needless to say I stayed and my friends left grinning at us. It was something in the way he danced, guiding my movements without being to invasive, making me feeling everything at once by the slightest touch of his fingertips. When we kissed, it was the best kiss I ever had. We made out in front of everyone else, I literally forgot about where I was.

On the way to my house we stopped almost every 2 minutes to kiss again. His lips were slim, but soft and his kissed me with such a confidence and dedication. As we made it to my flat everything seemed so natural, easy and as if he belonged here. His slim, pale body was so soft, way softer then my skin and I still remember the taste of it. And he was the first to introduce me to being dominated, to feel his wishes expressed without speaking, but through his arms, almost too slim for all the muscles moving visibly under his skin. He ate my whole body up- with his tongue, responsive to my reactions and making me orgasm even before going down on me. Whatever we did, his hands would never leave my body, not for a second.
Afterwards he told me that I was his first hipster and we both laughed at our prejudice.