She's Tied Me Up and is Making Me Beg

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 743allen

All tied up at the moment
She meets me dressed in a robe. Blindfolds me and takes my clothes off. Then she leads me to the bed and ties my hands to the rails. Sensual music plays in the background. When she removes my blindfold, I can see that it's dark, the room lit only by a few candles. She's wearing a bustier which bares her perfect breasts.

She's unusually aggressive; assertive. She straddles my face and demands that I lick her. After she comes, she teases my hard cock- touching, stroking, licking me, but not quite letting me come.

She smells like Prada. And sweat. And sex. It makes my head spin.

She makes me suck her nipples, and finally climbs onto me, rubbing her wet pussy up and down my shaft, making me beg for release, wanting to hear me say how much I want to be inside her. Satisfied that I am crazy with desire, she slips me inside and rides me, putting her hands on my shoulders and fucking me hard and fast, satisfying herself first, as she finally gives me release.

When we are done, she straddles my face again and makes me lick her clean.