Sharing XC with my Tinder Match

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Butt

Last year I met a girl on Tinder, we hung out a bunch, had some great sex and good hangouts, though it was hard to dedicate enough time to it as i was no longer living in the same city. We still kept in touch with the odd text here and there.

When we were together, she told me about XConfessions and how she loves to read the stories and the films.

One day i messaged her, I had just bought a subscription to XC, we shared our favorite films, had chats about what we liked.. and then she asked me...

Her: Tell me what you'd like to see happen in real life

Me: You first

Her: You can't wiggle out that easy. You go

Me: Well.. I would like to watch you on a date with someone.. in a bar. I just ‘happen’ to be there. From a distance or even up close. But not making any contact. Just the odd glance.

You would proceed to flirt with the date

And then later on, we chat, pretend you didn’t know I was there and I join you for a few drinks.

We all get on well, your date seems nice, maybe it isn’t even a date, just a good friend you like to have fun with

We then decide to go back to our house, have a few more drinks to get the flow going

You are sitting with your date, I’m sitting away. You start with light flirty touches, getting a little heavier. Making out. Undressing. All whilst I am watching.

I am also getting undressed, playing with myself whilst you two go at it

I then get the nod to come over, no sex, just a lot of touching. 4 hands massaging you. Feeling every part of you

Kissing parts of you that have never been kissed

Teasing your nipples, nibbling your ears.

You squirm in delight as we play with your body.

Your friend than starts to have sex with you, I’m still touching you all over. Kissing you, holding you whilst you get fucked

And then it’s morning and we all go home to bed

The end

Her: Ha abrupt ending!