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A Sexual Fantasy

— By Argonauta

My lover recently confessed her bisexuality. Despite her insecurity with my reaction, I reassured her, explaining how I thought every women should explore her sexuality to the fullest and being with other women was part of that. When I decided to visit her in her country, I pictured this scene in my head, where when picking me up from the airport she whispers in my hear "I have a surprise for you". Though excited, I had no clue what awaited me. We went straight to the hotel and as soon as we got to the room she started passionately kissing me, running her hands through my body getting me undressed - with a quick movement, she pulled a blindfold and a black tie out of her purse, tied my wrists and tied me to the bed, putting the blindfold on. It all went very quiet for a bit, until I felt her tongue on my rock hard cock, slowly caressing it and thought I was in for another of her amazing blow jobs. Suddenly I feel a second tongue lingering around…she then unfolds me, and there they were: both naked, their beautiful bodies with amazingly defined hard nipples. They start kissing each other, and her friend slowly slides her hand between her legs and begins to touch her. My lover does the same and they start kissing and slowly licking each other until her friend reaches my lovers pussy and stays there until the breathing becomes so fast and heavy followed by an intense orgasm. I thought that was it, but no: with an accomplice look, my lover sits on me, and slides my now wet cock inside her, ordering her friend to join her on top of so that I could lick her pussy. And she rides my cock, while I taste her very wet friend as she pulls my hair first and then my head against her pussy and whispers those three magic words :"I'm gonna come". A few seconds later, my lover joins her and repeats the magic words, pulling her friend closer and grasping her boobs. They then jump of me, without ever untying me and instantly swallow my cock whole. When I begged: "Stop it or I'm gonna come in your mouth", "We want you to" they said with a cheeky smile…