Sharing My Husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kinkygirl

I have always had this fantasy to share my husband with another woman. I picture her and I making out as my husband watches. We then get in a 69 position licking each others pussies gently, caressing and touching each other. My husband is masturbating as he is enjoying the show. With her on top of me doggie style, still licking my pussy, my husband enters her pussy from behind while I am still licking her clitoris. My husband is spanking her ass and pounding her relentlessly and I'm still licking her pussy and her mine and I'm feeling her hot cum spray my face and tasting her sweet juices. We then switch positions and my husband pounds me from behind until I cum all over her face. We then both get in the doggie style position and make out while my husband takes turns pounding us from behind. We then turn around and start licking and taking turns sucking his cock until he cums and we share the sweetness and french kiss and swallow. We all start making out and touching each other, kissing and pleasuring. Her and I finger fuck each other and nibble on each others tits while my husband is masturbating to obtain another erection. She then slides on top of my husband and rides him while I'm nibbling and fondling her breasts and kissing her passionately. I'm now sitting on my husbands face and he's licking my pussy while she's riding him and making out with me. We then switch and she is on top of my husbands face while I'm riding him and she's sucking my tits and neck and face. We then playfully tie her hands & feet to the bed and my husband and I both suck & lick her pussy and breasts and make her cum multiple times. We then all lay together, caressing, fondling and making out.