sharing my first tantra experience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ms.Love

I'm sexual freak, I would say. I'm interested in everything which is connected to sexuality. And I am a very sensual person- love tastes, smells, beautiful views, touching… And tantra as a mixture of those, one of the dreams I would love to come true.
There is a tantra festival in my country (Poland) every year. And there is a guy (Tom). I know he will be there this summer. He is my teacher and supervisor at work, you know - ethical issues give us no permission to anything more than professional contact. But I imagine how it would it be if we could meet there.
I know that there is a tantra experience which is called "hostels". People are sitting in circles and talking about their sexual fantasies. Other may discuss, comment or tell you that they've got the same fantasy and want to share it. Then you can enter a special circle nearby and make this fantasy come true! People are sitting around and you're inside. I can hardly tell how extremely hot I feel thinking that I would be there, inside this exotic circle of people with Tom - touching each other, saying nothing, only our eyes would say that this adventure has to stay between us, no one should know who we are for each other. A lovely woman would hold me gently while he is licking me naked, penetrating me with his fingers, and finally having wonderful, sweet, wet, sunny, deep sex... surrounded by smiling people. Can't wait to be there. Can't wait to feel it.