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A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anglor

I am having a very passionate relationsship with my husband and he is very loyal to his friends, probably just as loyal as he is to me. I read somewhere about a culture where a husband shared his wife with his brothers and best friends in case they don't have a wife yet or if she is away for some reason. I cannot let go of this thought as it really turned me on. I am thinking about how on just a normal day someone knocks on the door and you can see by his frustrated face just what he desires. He has been without sex for a long time and he really needs to feel a woman. My husband invites him in and we give him some food, drink and chat. He undresses me with his eyes, very frustrated and my husband can see this so he looks at me and looks at the direction of the bedroom. I look him in the eyes as to confirm what is happening and I nod it is ok. I walk towards the bedroom and both of them follow me there. It is warm in the room and cosy. My husband undresses me and puts me down on the bed, the friend is looking. My husband starts to warm me up the way he knows I like it. He look over to the friend and makes him come over and have a closer look. Hungry for a woman he starts to smell and touch me everywhere. His cock is already so ready it just wants to come in and feel the warmth from inside. When my husband figures I am ready, he leaves to let the "guest" take what he needs first. He walks out of the room for a while but enters again once he can hear us getting started. I am so excited by being able to help his friend and and at the same time being treated with so much pleasure. Nothing is as good as many hands on the body and fingers everywhere. My husband gets back in and he knows I enjoy a little something anal. I sit on top of his friend and he touches my clitoris and my husband put a finger in me behind. We both explode in our first orgasm. This was just the beginning. My husband fucks me from behind with two fingers in my behind, and later on, both are in me.