A Sexual Fantasy

— By pammetje

It had been a long and steamy night and in the heat of the moment my wife whispered in my ear that I could only come tonight if I agreed that one night she could do whatever she wanted. I wanted to come so badly, I agreed to her demand.

Many weeks later, I had completely forgotten, she said to me that tonight was her night and she had planned a long night for the 2 of us in a hotel suite. After our check-in we went to our room, where she told me to sit in a chair; she tied my arms and legs to the chair and blindfolded me.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and I heard some muffled male voices, entering the room. My wife put on some music, she went into the shower and as far as I could hear so did the men!? Through the music I could hear her arousal, whilst she was obviously playing with the men in the shower. Were there 2 or 3 men? The idea turned me on, but I was too strongly tied to the chair to do something. The shower stopped and she entered the room with her playmates.

I could clearly hear her and the men enjoying themselves, playing on the bed. Her gasps were getting louder and louder and from the voices I could hear there were at least two other men in the room.

When she was clearly close to orgasm, somebody took my blindfold away and on the bed in front of me I saw my wife fucking and sucking two men with cocks much bigger than mine. She took them in all possible angles and positions and she came multiple times, louder than I had ever heard her come. Finally the two men climaxed all over her and she looked at me with a smile on her face.

This was her night and I could not even touch myself!