Sext Games

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ellbell

My boyfriend and I have a strange and exciting way to tempt each other when we can't be together for long periods (he's an engineer and I'm a history student and work part-time as a chef in a restaurant). When we can't have sex because of travel or studies, we send text messages... everything starts with "Can you guess what I'm doing..?"
The two possible answers are usually "I don't know" or "I'm at work". But this is where the game begins... The last time I was at work when I received a message from him, he ordered that I remove my bra and panties. That night he told me to pass by his office and that I had to obey. When I got there they told me that he had left already, but there was a bag for me to collect. What I found in the bag was a nightgown in silk and lace that came to less than mid-thigh...
I found him at home. I was already dressed in the nightgown and he was still in his work clothes, industrial boots and helmet... he took me in his tight embrace and what came next was one of our most exciting nights.