Sex with a soulmate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dakdriver

Many guys are turned off by a woman on her period. I find it incredibly erotic and incredibly intimate if a woman allows sex then...

The encounter that stands out the most to me is one with the woman I consider my soulmate. We were in bed, it was that time of the month, and I was, as usual, very keen on sex with her (I have never desired a woman as much as I desire her).

I honestly cannot say exactly what happened on the bed that night, but it was incredibly intense. Her on top, me on top, changing positions, watching how our bodies were joined and moved together, and marveling how very well we fit each other. But it was afterwards that has always stayed with me. We were both covered in bright red handprints, where we'd been holding onto and caressing each other. And her skin is beautifully pale, which made my handprints stand out on her even more. We were marked with the passion of our lovemaking. I was almost in awe of the marks on her stomach and her breasts, and also where her handprints were on me.

Because of circumstance it's only ever happened once, but I often visit that after sex moment. It's the most intense, most intimate sex I've ever had, and I was lucky enough to share it with my soulmate