Sex Party Casual

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AvidSexPartier

Went to a sex club with an ex. It was a renovated victorian style mansion. The first floor had an outdoor pool, indoor hot tub, sauna, bar, and small dance floor. The second floor had the lockers (which you undressed in), a pretty tame dungeon, and the third floor had a few themed rooms, one with a wall-to-wall bed. I kept my towel on as we sat at the bar, but right away, the guy I was with had his hand up my towel, fingering me while we ordered drinks. I pulled his towel down and jerked him off at the same time. The others at the bar were young, good looking, naked. I got my drink, took a sip so my mouth got cold, and leaned over for a good suck of the guy. We watched a girl dance on a pole, talked to the bartender about nights that were good for swinging, all the while jerking him. We went upstairs, the dungeon was empty. There were chains on the wall, he put my wrists in them, scooped some ice out of my drink, and put them slowly in my pussy. After that he lifted me up and fucked me. It was amazing knowing that people could walk in, watch, and hear us. We moved up the stairs, stopping on a bench in the stairwell, where he sat down and I mounted him. Upstairs there were some couples. We asked if we could watch, then laid back, played with each other, and watched. There was a girl getting fingered in another room by a guy, and we decided to compete on which guy was better at it. Afterwards, he fucked me again missionary style.

The experience was about an hour and a half.