Sex on the brain

A Sexual Fantasy

— By papayas_and_cream

I want to be bound. I want my arms locked in handcuffs, dangling from a pipe along the ceiling, completely exposed and vulnerable to the touch of the person across from me. I want them to touch me, to spread their heat across my skin and mark the memory of their palms and fingers across my body. I want them to nip and lick at my hard pruning nipples and bite and suck at my breasts, imprinting me with teeth marks and deep bruises to remind me they were when I wake in the morning. I want them to kiss me. Deeply. I want their tongue to dance with mine, pulling me into their atmosphere, like a mind numbing drug I can't get enough of. I want them to tease me. To finger the edges of my panties, dragging them slowly off my wide hips and down my thighs, filling me with anticipation now that nothing blocks the way from their body and my insides. I want to look down and see their face close to my mound, completely zeroed in on my sex, breath panting and lust dripping in their eyes. I want their commanding voice to fill the silence in the room with nothing but sexual profanity and admiration. "You've got a beautiful cunt". Something that stimulates my insides. I want them to stroke me. Rub me. Dig into me. Reaching into the depths even I haven't been able to get to. Filling me with greed, need and hunger. Hunger to be filled up even more. I want to feel their molten hot breath on my nub right before the sensation of their tongue lapping at my clit registers in my brain. I want them to latch onto me in every way. Kneading at my breasts as they suck and moan on my pussy, thrusting their curling fingers into me as they relentlessly grind against the spongey tissue at the front of my canal. I want to moan and scream and hump their face, completely losing myself in the moment, begging for release and until the pinacle of the entire moment as they furiously rub into me, sending the tremors and shakes all over my arching body till they wash over the eyes rolling back in my head. And when all that's said and done. I don't ever want them to stop.