The Sex-Lab

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anik

As a scientist, I spend long weekends doing experiments in the darkness of microscopy rooms.

On a Saturday evening, I was in my microscopy room just lit with a red light. Natalia, my student, was working in the neighboring lab. Natalia opened the door of my lab. I was deeply concentrated so I half-ignored her. She came closer and put her gentle hand on my shoulders. I had always fantasised about her – her big, young breasts, curvy ass; but I had kept my feelings to myself. Suddenly, those feelings became alive with her touch. We both looked into each other’s eyes and there was that unspoken conversation of lust and desire. The labcoats fell on the ground; I went closer to her and we grabbed each other’s buttocks. We started to kiss each other with increasing intensity. I stripped her to suck her hard nipples. I removed my shirt and she got rid of my trousers. I lifted her up and made her sit on the lab bench. I removed her jeans and underwear. With my tongue, I tasted the sweetest juices flowing.

Natalia made me stand with my one leg on the chair. She went behind, grabbed my ass, and moved her tongue in smooth motion along my asshole and cock. It was the most sensual combination of play with her hands and her mouth. We again passionately kissed each other; I went behind her and we felt each other deep inside. Natalia took control and made me lie on the bench and started to ride me. Our ecstasy reached the highest point.

Suddenly, the lights turned on! Stunned, we looked behind and it was my boss – Samantha. She had heard our moans. She didn’t say a word and came closer to cup Natalia’s breasts in her soft hands. Natalia was shocked - still sitting on my cock. Samantha’s one hand went on to touch my balls and she started to suck Natalia’s nipples and lips alternately. She ordered Natalia to ride on me again and stripped herself completely naked. She climbed on the table and sat on my face. Later, Natalia and Samantha swapped their positions. The three of us were deeply engrossed in that game of desire and passion for hours to come.