Sensual request

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dabbi1214

Coming home from work finding a post it note on the door wasn't something I had expected. My normal routine had me expecting the chaos of everyday life to hit me as I walked up the steps to my home. I found myself pleasantly surprised with the peace and quiet. Walking up I saw a purple sticky note posted inside the glass of the door. I was curious as to what it said. The note read "Do in the order as instructed. Go straight to the shower and clean up. Come into our room and lay down next to me. I want you to play hard to get with your lips. I want you to tease me slowly and gently. I want you to resist from cumming until I tell you I want it. I want you to fulfill this sensual request." I sat the note down on the hallway table and heard soft moans coming through the door. I reluctantly pulled myself away from opening it and from taking a peek inside. I went to the bathroom that had been recently used. The mirror was fogged up and clothes on the floor. My heart started to pound wondering what I was going to walk into. I felt my face warm and my penis start to swell. I lathered my cock and stroked myself thinking about how her lips looked around my cock and how her glazed eyes watched me when I would suck her clit. I wanted to cum. I stopped. Cock throbbing, I dried off and walked to the bedroom door. I heard heavy breathing and the moans were more intense than before. I opened the door and she had a blindfold on her forehead, her arm and legs strapped to the bed. One arm free holding her vibrator on her clit watching two men fucking a woman. She looked at me and told me she wanted to taste my cock. I put it across her lips. I pressed it down to her mouth as she licked, kissed and sucked. She made herself cum watching as the two men stood over the female performer ejaculating on her face and starched out tongue. As she came she brought her free arm up to her head. I strapped her arm in to the unused restraint. I pulled the blindfold down and she asked what I was doing. I gently kissed her lips and flicked my tongue over hers. Fulfilling your request love.