Sensitive pallete

A Sexual Fantasy

— By P.Henry

It was HER fetish, not Mine. However I loved to indulge My lil girl, Amanda. So I stood there in the circle of men surrounding her feeling like a fool. Me and 4 others circling a kneeling and blind folded Amanda as we stroked off our cocks pulling the cum to the tip of our respective penis heads. One by one -she would take one of us into her mouth and finish us- sucking hard deep long and passionately. Sucking hard to extract the salty fruit of her work.

You see, one night after making love with me and my finishing with a stream of my semen coating her tongue before she swallowed it hungrily down--she jokingly remarked that she could discern my cum from any other man's cum she had ever had (which apparently was a mighty number).

And so the challenge was on. I quipped that I doubted and she rose to the bait stating that she absolutely could pull my "cum out of a line up of a hundred men."

So on this led the me standing in a circle around her waiting my turn to be sucked dry by my wife after she did the honors to those in front of me.

She was skilled and practiced -taking each man's member in, fully, expertly- massaging his balls and tickling his anus until he came on her tongue. She wasted not a drop. I went 3rd in the circle of 5. I came fully as she pressed her middle finger on my anus and up in just slightly. As I pulled out a string of cum attached to my tip and her lips. She smiled slightly and knowingly. But still, she proceeded to gentleman number 4 and then 5.

After, she pulled off the blindfold, smiled wickedly at me and said..."It would be mystery man number 3."

Smiling back, I said -"That is quite the sensitive pallete you have. I guess you win again."

She smiled back looking over the 5 of us and our softening cocks, "Looks like you ALL are winners today."