Selective Banging

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kitty

About three or four men I've somehow met and I arrange a meeting-hotel room, a house - a safe place. I want a gangbang but one where I'm in control, where they touch me and not where I'm at their mercy. We are all naked and I lie down on the bed. All at once, they begin to touch me. I want hands all over me at the same time. I don't want anal, no slapping or choking or hitting. But they can be rough. I want kisses from head to toes and sucking on my breasts and fingers over my clit and inside my vagina as well as tongues and lips touching my genitalia. I want to be turned over and massaged roughly and fingered roughly. I want my legs in all sorts of positions as they are spread wide for touching, licking, and fucking. I want to be on my knees, on my back, on my stomach. I want to be moved. And during this, I want to choose when I want to touch a man, if I'll suck a man or kiss him. I want to be turned on to wanting a man. No one crowds me or hovers over me with their erection unless I tell them. But I will. I'll want them all. But gradually. And at some point, I want to have my hands tied over my head as I lie down and roughly be fucked. And then someone has a toy or a machine but something they've chosen to use to make me come. I come, they come on me and in me. We enjoy the experience.