Seeking Shelter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stormgirl

One hot summers day my boyfriend and I went out for a walk. We were having a lovely time until the heavens opened and a huge thunderstorm kicked in. It soaked us to the skin, my summer dress clung to me that much it was becoming see through and I wasn't wearing any underwear. Ooops!

We headed back to the small village we'd passed through in the hope of finding a shop or pub to hide in whilst it passed when a kindly middle aged woman came out her home and ushered us both in. We were both grateful of her offer and both she and her husband even offered us a dry change of clothes.

They were much older than us, at a push I'd say late fifties - definitely the same age as our parents. They were attractive though and it soon became apparent the storm was going to last all night and we were to stay over.

The drinks started to flow and we started to flirt. We ended up in their huge master bedroom having the hottest orgy I've ever had. I had my first lesbian experience with her, which was followed by my first spit roast with her husband and my boyfriend. It was so hot, we fucked all night - and ended up stopping over until the rain stopped the next day.

That night changed our lives for the good. We both became more sexually open and I thank the Gods for raining down on us that day...