A Sexual Fantasy

— By heta.fantasier

We are a couple in our forties. My wife and I have two kids, a regular mortgage and everything that comes with it. The last five years we have been part of a group of close friends that share a common interest: sex. Altogether we are four couples, all about the same age, all of us with kids.

We share an apartment in the center of town. Nobody lives there, we have furnished it to our needs for a place to meet up, away from home, our kids and our regular life. There is a nice kitchen, a large bedroom and a great bathroom, with its own bath and spacious shower.

We have a great on-line system so we can book the apartment without getting in the way. There is nothing better than meeting with my wife for lunch in town, but spending it eating her pussy and driving my cock into her!

Next friday night my wife is leaving for a business trip. That is what the kids have been told, but she is in fact going to our place in town. She is spending the weekend until Sunday with the husbands from the other couples. Once a year each wife calls the shots for the weekend, having the other three husbands fulfilling her wishes.

The wifes enjoys eating good food, drinking wine and having the men ravish them many times over the weekend. Last year my wife reached orgasm more than 10 times over the weekend, having a first orgasm from our friend that used his expert tounge on her outside on the roof terrace. We have very few boundaries in our group, and all the women also enjoy when they get to watch the men.