Screening process

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LadyGray

My boyfriend found someone for me. The screening process was rigorous, with more than a few candidates rejected. We're not reckless, and he was concerned not only with my safety and comfort but finding someone who would arouse me properly. Finally, he found the right guy. They'd met a few times and had some good conversations. He was everything my boyfriend had been looking for: sex-positive, feminist, kind, and extremely sexual. On top of that, he told me, he's your type: lithe yet muscular. I think he's quite sexy, my boyfriend said.

I trust him completely. But that doesn't mean my heart isn't pounding as I lay on our bed - the bed I share with my boyfriend - wearing my favorite lingerie and a blindfold. The bedroom door opens. Holy shit, is this really happening...?


We've talked about getting a drink, the three of us, but I think I prefer it this way - never having seen his face. My boyfriend was right, though. Definitely my type. :)