Sample me, please

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bar Babe

I started a healthy, whole food energy bar business, and my local co-op grocery allows me to set up a booth to offer free samples of my bars to their customers once a month. One time, a regional grocery buyer sampled my bars and liked them enough to want to carry them in a dozen of his groceries across our region, but he needed his boss's approval, too. He and his boss were staying in a funky, downtown hotel, and he asked me to bring some of my bars to the hotel that night after the sampling event was over. I met them in the lobby bar, and we came to an easy business agreement. To celebrate our deal, we toasted champagne and started talking. One thing led to another, and the three of us ended up in one of their hotel rooms. I'm so glad that both men stayed and shared me because I was really hoping to give each of them a sample. The entire night was delicious!