Royal Slave

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Omeeus

I'm Cleopatra, one of the most revered females around the world, living in a bright and refined Palace in Ancient Egypt with all my amazing and beautiful sexual slaves. Sitting on my throne, I spread my legs and automatically three slaves crawl towards me, craving to fulfill their Goddess's needs, take great care of her, honour her divine body and femininity. I have power, I order and get everything I want from them. And what I want now is to give them my lover as a slave. Attached with chains, he is brought into the room, in front of me. From my proud throne, while grabbing the hair of the male delightfully licking my pussy, I'm deeply enjoying the spectacle of all my male slaves using him as a toy, penetrating him again and again, coming in him, in his mouth, in his anus, one after the other. My Beloved one is left totally exhausted and trembling, his penis erect like never before. I chose this moment to leave my throne and come down to dominate him personally, like the master of his masters I am, sitting on him, making love to him.