Room to Rent

A Sexual Fantasy

— By illforgetthis12345

I am a recently graduated student and am looking for somewhere to live. I have this fantasy about a married couple that I work with (let’s call them Sarah and John) telling me that they have a spare room they were looking to rent out. I haven’t got much money, but they say we can work something out. So I agree to move in and, after living there for a few nights, I hear someone coming into my room while I am about to fall asleep. I open my eyes and see Sarah standing in the doorway to my room. She steps closer towards me and starts to confess that she’s been attracted to me ever since I started working there, that she invited me to move in because she wanted to fuck me. I start to protest, saying that she’s married, but then John is in the doorway telling me that he’s felt the same way, that they want to fuck me together. I am a lesbian, but the idea of sleeping with both of them excites me more than I can say. Sarah climbs onto the bed next to me and starts kissing me, as John comes up behind me and starts to undress me. We fuck for hours until we all pass out in the same bed. Best way to pay my rent ever?